About Torino City Lab

Torino City Lab (TCL) is an initiative aimed at creating more accessible conditions for companies and other interested parties to respond to specific open challenges in response to concrete needs of the territory, the public administration and its citizens. TCL enables the testing of innovative solutions or business ideas in real-world conditions in the territory.

Promoted by the City of Turin, Torino City Lab involves a large number of local and international partners of the public and private  sector, and all stakeholders interested in supporting and making the local innovation ecosystem network grow.

Torino City Lab is conceived as an innovation laboratory open and disseminated throughout the city area.

TCL allows simplified access to public spaces and assets, including those which are intangible (processes, services and data).

TCL expands and strengthens relationships within the local innovation ecosystem, through an articulated partner system.

TCL allows to scale up solutions, promoting them within networks and projects on a local, national and international scale.

TCL involves end users and citizens, promoting discussion on local challenges and supporting the active participation of interested communities through challenges.


Facilitate testing operations in real conditions of innovative solutions of public interest.

The City of Turin will offer constant support to facilitate access and then facilitate the conduct of trials, in relations with Internal Services and Utilities.


The Values ​​of Torino City Lab are: agility, transparency, openness and social impact. To make Turin the "place" where experiencing tomorrow is a task of today!

Agility in the execution of activities.
Transparency of the process.
Openness of the partnership.


Positioning Torino at European and international level as a place where innovation is easier and is a shared challenge for the territory.

Attracting companies from Europe and the world to engage new trajectories of economic development in sectors with high added value and to serve the citizens of tomorrow.


From Torino Living Lab to Torino City Lab

Torino City Lab has its roots in Torino Living Lab, an initiative of the Municipality of Turin, born in October 2018, aimed at promoting, developing and testing new innovative solutions in a real place.

For the first time citizens, businesses and the public administration could explored and experiment together innovative products, technologies and services in a specific area of the city, with the aim of testing their functionality and usefulness for end users and assessing their impact and added value on their quality of life..


The first living lab in Torino, was launched in year 2016 in the Campidoglio district (Torino West) , thanks to the implementation of29 projects in different areas, such as: the environment, mobility and tourism, has become the first Torino urban space dedicated to innovation and smart city. With a second call, launched at the end of 2016, the City sought new partners to carry out the development, testing and promotion of mobile payment services that can be used at the Municipality Registry Office.


In April 2017, the experience of the City was further enriched by the "Living Lab IOT" notice, with a focus on testing "Internet of Things" and "Internet of Data" solutions for the smart city. After official selection 10 companies were admitted to the testing phase. 

Circular and collaborative economy became the focus of the Living Lab in year 2018, which was launched as part of the AXTO Programme (Actions for Torino Suburbs) as circular and collaborative economy. Torino City Lab was officially born.


Edulab was activated in 2019, a new Educational Living Lab, which is part of the creation of an educational center in the School building “Drovetti” of via Bardonecchia 34, Torino. An innovation laboratory experience that was born within the framework of the UE project LEA - “Learning Technologies Accelerator” LEA project was a 2-year project carried out with other EU partners and founded by the EU Commission, in which the city of Torino fostered the idea of testing innovative solutions for teaching and for the organization of learning environments of new generation.


2020 for the City of Turin - as for the whole world - is a year marked by the Covid-19 pandemic. During the lockdown Torino City Lab was suddenly transformed into Torino City Love: a digital solidarity initiative that calls upon the city technological partners to offer resources. Actions and skills supported local citizens and businesses in one of the most difficult moment of isolation and concern for our society. The areas of action of Torino City Love concerned school and work, health, digital services and training, made accesible via website.


The City of Turin has promoted locally the candidacy for the construction of the House of Emerging Technologies (CTE NEXT) in close collaboration with the Torino universities and other strategic partners and local stakeholders. CTE NEXT, the first spin-off of Torino City lab is a project funded by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development with the aim of creating a widespread home of 5G technology transfer and emerging technologies in key sectors for Turin: Smart Mobility, Urban Air Mobility, Industry 4.0 and Services for the Smart City.


The City of Turin is officially recognised as one of the 100 European cities that have committed to reducing emissions by 2030, becoming a "Mission City", or rather a hub for experimentation and innovation in the climate field, a virtuous example for all other European cities. In this context, Torino City Lab relaunches its mission by making itself available to this challenge by promoting functional experiments for the ecological and digital transition and confirming itself as an open innovation laboratory for smart life.



Torino City Lab aims to transform the Torino area into a permanent and always open living lab, an innovation laboratory for smart life, keeping an eye to the main Sustainable Development Goals of the Agenda 2030.

Per achieve these goals, Torino City Lab has developed, over the years, both the digital and organizational tools capable of promoting and facilitating the implementation of experiments in the smart life field, and on the other hand, an ecosystem of stakeholders interested in supporting testing activities, ideas, and projects aimed at making Turin an adaptive and inclusive city, tailored to the needs of its citizens.

Torino City Lab also relies on CTE NEXT, the House of Emerging Technologies in Turin, for experiments involving emerging technologies enabled by 5G in sectors identified as strategic for the Turin area: intelligent mobility, Industry 4.0, and innovative urban services.