Out of universities into the market: this is our way to technology transfer.

Venture Factory is the exclusive advisory company of the Vertis Venture 3 Technology Transfer Technology Transfer Fund, funded by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti and the European Investment Fund through the ITATECH platform. In the framework of Itatech platform, VV3 Technology Transfer is the first Italian investment fund with 40 million euros totally devoted to the technology transfer of projects deriving from public research. The purpose of the fund is to reduce the gap between technological development and the industrial world, selecting and financing the most promising technologies developed by Italian university researches.


Out of universities into the market: this is our way to technology transfer

- To support the validation of business models of innovative companies, through our know-how
- To support in identifying start-ups and innovative companies from our network, inviting them to test their innovations through the Torino city Lab tool.
- To support in monitoring and evaluation of social and economic impacts, with focus on the analysis and definition of innovative business models.
- To contribute to technological foresight activities, also by promoting joint testing activities with local partners on frontier innovations.

- Experience in analysis and evaluation of innovative business models with a focus on the industrial sector.
- Experience in technology transfer: selection, financing, enhancement of technologies coming from the academic field
- Wide corporate network

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