TOP-IX (TOrino Piemonte Internet eXchange) is a non-profit consortium set up in 2002 with the aim of creating and managing an Internet Exchange (IX) for the exchange of Internet traffic in North West Italy. In addition to building and managing the network infrastructure to provide the typical services of an Internet Exchange, TOP-IX promotes and supports, through the Development Program (DP), projects of technological and / or business innovation based on the use of broadband Internet such as Cloud Computing, Open Data, Big Data, Social Innovation and Data Science for International Cooperation, IoT & Edge Computing and Sport Data. This two actions act synergistically to promote the growth of the territory.


We do connections: Infrastructure. Innovation. Technology. 

Support and collaboration in the following initiatives: 
- Big Data, Open Data and Sport Data i
- Audio/video streaming 
- IoT and Edge Computing 
- Cloud Computing
- Networking

- Know-how on the above issues
- The Top-ix' s infrastructure (computing, networking, streaming)
- A team of web/mobile developers
- Support in monitoring and evaluating the impacts of the initiatives


On going testing

Check out the projects that are currently on going thanks to this partnership!