TIM the main telco operator and ICT provider in Italy.

TIM’s offer is focused on delivering the best digital journey to its customers through smart, flexible and scalable bundles and convergent solutions that rely on TIM’s state-of-the-art network.


TIM: The Digital Revolution for Italy

TIM offers extensive 4G mobile ultrabrodband coverage and 5G in the city, in particular with a customized network solution for experimenting with innovative digital services, such as self driving cars, drones, massive IoT.

TIM provides the Turin City Lab project partners, for the duration of the trial, a group of expert technicians to solve specialized problems. TIM also offers radio coverage and ad hoc measurements for specific experiments, which need them within the sites designed with the Municipality of Turin, for trial of vertical sectors, such as areas dedicated to the flight of drones or test circuits for autonomous vehicles.


On going testing

Check out the projects that are currently on going thanks to this partnership!