SocialFare is the first Center for Social Innovation in Italy. It is also an incubator certificated by MISE (the Italian Ministry of Economic Development).

Through research, engagement and co-design it develops innovative solutions to urgent, contemporary social challenges, generating new economy. With an extensive network of national and international partners SocialFare accelerates knowledge and entrepreneurship with a social impact through systemic design, design thinking, social finance, mentoring and networking for scalability.

SocialFare created Design Your Impact and FOUNDAMENTA, two different programs intended to generate social entrepreneurship and to accelerate social impact startup and companies selected through open calls launched twice a year.


SocialFare believes that the social value can generate economic value

Facilitation and support in the co-planning of activities aimed at accelerating social impact startups and supporting teams in defining the preliminary planning for the start-up of a business with social impact.
Support in monitoring and assessing the social impact.
Support in the planning of initiatives, events, seminars aimed at accelerating knowledge of social innovation methodologies in urban contexts.
Creation of synergies, shared planning, network of skills, internationality.

- Rinascimenti Sociali, physical place and platform of convergence for social entrepreneurship in Italy, owned and managed by SocilFare, offers meeting and coworking spaces and rooms for organizing events in the heart of Turin
- Expertise of SocialFare team and of its network of professionals and impact investors
- Network of startups, businesses and individuals active in the world of social innovation and impact investing, with the possibility of synergies and collaborations on innovative projects

Via Maria Vittoria 38 - 10123 Torino, Italy
Phone:+39 3931718264