Founded in 1828, Reale Mutua has a proven track record of professional integrity, reliability and innovation spanning almost two centuries. These characteristics have made it a point of reference in the insurance market.

The company's mission embraces its mutualistic nature: to focus on the needs of Member-Policyholders, and guarantee reliable, high-quality products and services through the ongoing commitment of its competent professional workforce.
Reale Mutua is the holding company of Reale Group, an international Group with over 3,700 employees in Italy, Spain; it offers solutions and protection to around 5 million Clients in the insurance, banking, real estate, and services sectors.


Reale Mutua is the Italian biggest mutual insurer

Reale Mutua offers his collaboration as insurance partner for projects and experimental activities of Torino City Lab, with the aim of maximize their positive effects on the City context. Through Reale Lab 1828, the innovation hub of Reale Group, it can also provide support and specific expertise as a project partner.

Reale Mutua offers his expertise and methodology to test new technologies and services, in order to improve and stimulate synergies in the local innovative ecosystem. Furthermore, it is committed to promote through his network all the details and results of the projects in which it will be involved.

Reale Mutua Assicurazioni
Via Corte d’Appello 11 - 10122 Turin, Italy
Telefono: +39 011 431 1111
Elisabetta Ruà - Head of Press Relations Reale Group
Gianluca Lorenzi, Head of Reale Lab 1828
Benedetta Dematteis, Communication Reale Lab 1828