A venture capital firm investing in innovative and technology driven companies. Founded in 2013 by Andrea Di Camillo.

P101 SGR has a team of 10 professionals and a network of advisors whose track record is made of investments in innovative companies such as Banzai, Linkem, Objectway, Vitaminic and Yoox. Besides economic support, P101 SGR provides new generations of entrepreneurs with the necessary network of knowledge and connections to support the growth of their companies. P101 takes its name from the first personal computer being produced and sold on a large scale globally, which was designed and created in Italy by Olivetti and is an example of Italian innovation leaving its mark in the history of modern digital technology well beyond national borders.


P101 is a venture capital firm focused on early-stage investments in the digital sector.

The intention is to start a collaborative relationship within the "Torino City Lab" project, in order to contribute to the creation of a local ecosystem advantageous for city innovation with a focus on technologies and services on "smart cities", to scout opportunities and to collaborate with start-ups, to jointly develop monitoring and impact assessment activities, also with a focus on the analysis of the social impact of tests.

P101 has currently more than €150M assets under management for the first and second fund, this one in its investment period.

Andrea Di Camillo
E-mail: a.dicamillo@p101.it
Glenda Grazioli
E.mail:  g.grazioli@p101.it