OPEN INCET is the Open Innovation Center of the City of Turin with the mission to accelerate the local social innovation ecosystem, generate new and sustainable solutions for the city, animate creative communities and connect the local ecosystem for innovation internationally by systematically applying an open innovation approach.

Open INCET is an example of public-private partnership, led by Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini, involving the local public administration and private organisations with complementary competences and networks, both local and international. The Center promotes local economic development and inclusive growth by matching social needs, technologies, traditional companies and investors with communities of innovators.


OPEN INCET: 5000 Sqm of open and social innovation

Open Incet supports enterprises and the local ecosystem by accellerating the process of internationalisation through idea generation programmes, living labs, training and mentoring for scaling the market; but also by organising local and international events (OIS-Open Innovation Summit) and matching big companies with start ups through Switch Pitch, the global platform of Startup Relationship Management engagement.

Open Incet provides rooms - event and training rooms, equipped laboratories - able to host until 200 people. 

Piazza Teresa Noce 17 - Torino 10155 - Italy
E-mail: info@openincet.It
Phone: +39 011 19482728

On going testing

Check out the projects that are currently on going thanks to this partnership!