With the arrival of summer in 2023, the new ToMove Living Lab project by the City of Turin comes to life. ToMove is a distributed Living Lab across the territory of the City of Turin, focusing on the development of new scenarios for smart and sustainable urban mobility that utilize innovative solutions for cooperative, connected, and autonomous mobility, integrating them into the "Mobility as a Service" paradigm.

With a budget of 7 million euros, funded through the Complementary National Plan, the City of Turin is advancing the program to co-design, experiment, and promote innovative service scenarios and tools that enable simple, safe, accessible, and sustainable mobility.

The project is already taking shape with various launch and presentation events, such as the kick-off held at the end of May, participation in the Next Generation Mobility event in June, and the TTS Italia conference in July. Several events are scheduled for September, and we will provide more details shortly.

Working groups among the Members of the Promoting Committee – Politecnico di Torino Università di Torino | Links Foundation | 5T |Fondazione Piemonte Innova | GTT – are currently underway. They aim to identify, among other things, the best areas for testing and applied research, the beating heart of the ToMove Living Lab.

The Promoting Committee has already selected the three areas for "Large-Scale Demonstrators," which are actual tests of services/solutions that could pave the way for new urban mobility services and solutions in the medium term.

Among these, we find the Digital Twin field, for the virtualization and strategic analysis of urban mobility. The concept of the Digital Twin applied to the Smart City context is now a consolidated trend that many European cities (and beyond) are pursuing with undeniable benefits. This experiment will focus on urban mobility data, creating a digital twin oriented in this direction and accompanied by insights and decision support, integrated and integrable with other ongoing or planned initiatives in the City of Turin. This will enable the easy integration of already developed modules into a single architecture.

The second demonstrative field concerns the integration of autonomous "demand-responsive" public transport and Cooperative-ITS services with MAAS systems. In this scenario, various "User Personas," i.e., different types of users with their mobility needs, will be analyzed, and one or more service test scenarios will be identified: accompanying the user from their arrival in the city with cooperative smart parking information services or promoting the use of public transport other than private vehicles, ultimately leading to the creation of a covered route with autonomous public transport service.

The final large-scale experimentation field is that of innovative last-mile logistics services and solutions. This experimental field will promote applied research and the testing of new autonomous and/or remotely guided, small, fully electric systems that can move easily in delicate urban contexts (e.g., restricted traffic zones, historic city centers, hospital complexes) to evaluate their limits, potential, and social acceptability.

The ToMove Living Lab integrates and expands the goals and facilities of Torino City Lab and the Casa delle Tecnologie emergenti di Torino - CTE NEXT, also pursuing, in a transversal manner, the objectives of energy and environmental sustainability in line with the commitments of the European Mission "100 Climate Neutral Cities" to which the City of Turin has adhered.

The project is developing complementarily and synergistically with the MaaS experimentation project, which involves the implementation of integrated mobility with multiple services accessible to the user through a single digital channel with various options, from travel planning to payment.

For further information, please visit the Living Lab ToMove page.