Nesta Italia is an independent non-profit organisation whose aim is to introduce a new approach to social innovation in Italy..

Nesta Italia was founded in Turin in 2017 from the shared vision of Nesta and Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo. We work at the intersection of different areas – education, social inclusion, arts&culture, tech for good – applying innovation methods already tested at international level, using the potential of new technologies and that of collective intelligence..

We collaborate with cutting-edge innovators, companies, public and Third Sector organisation to design tailor-made projects according the social challenge identified.

We back bold ideas for a happier, inclusive and connected society.

Collaboration and co-design of project in areas of common interest for the partners (e.g. projects with emerging technologies and social technologies as their object; identification and support of innovative startups in the

Skills in the design, implementation and communication of innovative impact projects, project management and euro-planning.