META Group is an international advisory and investment firm dedicated to creating and nurturing fast growing companies.

With over 15 years of experience in fund management and running private-public financial instruments, META directly and through its investment vehicle META Ventures, has successfully invested in high-growth start-ups across Europe via 8 venture capital funds (around €100mil under management) in 3 countries (Italy, Slovenia and Poland). META builds customised solutions for early stage funds and has developed a unique range of public-private partnerships between business incubators & accelerators, business angels clubs, corporate ventures, regional development authorities, national governments and the EU Institutions.


Making Europe Entrepreneurial
META envisions a world of connected knowledge-intensive communities, built on the shoulders of knowledge-intensive companies. We drive knowledge to market by: advising authorities on innovation-boosting strategies, coaching entrepreneurs and investing in promising ideas and opportunities.

Follow the technologies tested in Torino City Lab with the aim of identifying possible innovations belonging to the sector in which to invest.
- Use, if necessary, Torino City Lab for the testing of innovations related to companies in the due diligence phase, so that they acquire a valid reference.
- To make available our know-how on the validation of business models
- Give visibility to Torino City Lab through a dedicated banner/link/section on our website
- Identify the start-ups and innovative companies in the META Ventures portfolio (the group company dedicated to the management of early stage financial investment instruments) to be invited to test their innovations through Torino city Lab.
- Support in the monitoring and evaluation of social and economic impacts, with particular focus on the analysis and definition of innovative business models
- Organization of support activities to the city (e.g. sectoral analysis, model evaluation, animation)
- Organisation of activities in partnership with Torino City Lab to launch the city's challenges to the community of innovators, both in Italy and abroad, thanks to the networks in which META Group has been active for years.
- Provide, in a way to be agreed upon, tools, platforms and formats developed by META Group specifically to enable innovation in cities and to involve citizens and the world of innovators in these processes.
- The definition of strategies and the design of effective financial instruments for a faster implementation and achievement of results for the city.
The experience gained and the results obtained in over 20 years in Europe in the exploitation of the research results developed within universities and research centers and its transfer to the market

META Innovation Platform combines everything we've learnt about fostering knowledge-intensive startups at the urban level. META Innovation Platform brings them together, along with other city-level stakeholders, in a carefully designed process to:
- Solve local urban problems
- Stimulate local high-growth, knowledge-intensive companies
- Connect them to new markets and investors across Europe

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