Mesap is the Innovation Cluster of Regione Piemonte dedicated to Smart Products and Smart Manufacturing.

It offers support with a wide range of tailor made services to meet companies’ needs: from the management of regional funds of calls for proposals, to the organization of training activities, from technology transfer, to the protection of intellectual and industrial property (IPR).


Since its foundation in 2009, it has been collaborating with European and international excellences to involve leading companies and decision-makers and analyzes technological and market mega-trends to catch-up them.

MESAP focuses on:
- the Promotion of the projects’ opportunities and Call for proposals,
- the Collaboration in technological foresight activities, promoting innovative testing activities with local partners,
- the Involvement of its Italian and European network;
- the Communication activities on social media and websites, co-organizing events, b2b and technology pitches with potential investors;
- Implementation of useful tools to measure and track the impact of innovative activities in the regional ecosystem.

Polo di Innovazione MESAp
Corso Stati Uniti 38 - 10128 Torino - Italy
Phone: +39 011 571 8462