Italian Angels for Growth (IAG) is the largest business angel network in Italy: more than 200 players from the entrepreneurial, financial, and managerial worlds invest time, skills and capital to facilitate the growth of startups.

Our members invest in groups with single-round tickets ranging from a minimum of € 200k to a maximum of € 1.5m, participating in seed / early stage financing opportunities in companies operating in the sectors of fintech, industry & energy, internet & tech, and life science. Thanks to the work carried out by the internal team, as well as the contributions of the angels themselves, the IAG model ensures access to a wider dealflow and more effective investment selection, all while providing greater opportunities for diversification.

Innovation Playmaker: we support the growth of young technology companies

IAG will support the development of the City Lab model through:
- The process of due diligence by IAG, aiming to test the solutions / technologies proposed in the urban context of Turin and reporting back the results;
- Reporting startups in the IAG portfolio, with the aim of applying the solutions / technologies in the urban context of Turin and to explore commercial developments with local partners;
- Analysis of investment opportunities in startups that finalize testing activities in the city of Turin

Benefits & Opportunities:
- Qualified investment opportunities: access to already carefully selected startups;
- Dedicated staff;
- Continual training: workshops on technological trends and investment techniques;
- Networking: we create and incentivize opportunities for discussion and relationship between our members.

Corso Buenos Aires, 77 (4° piano) - 20124 Milano, Itaky
Phone: +39 02 76022952
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Giacomo Valentini – Managing Director
Leonardo Giagnoni – Investment Manager
Emanuele Torlonia – Investment Analyst
Francesca Giorgetti – Administration Manager
Maria Cristina Mirabello – Communication Manager