IREN Group is one of the largest and most dynamic multiutility companies on the Italian scene

IREN operates across several regions with over 8.000 employees, a portfolio of almost 1.9 million customers in the energy sector, 2.8 million residents served with integrated water services and more than 3 million residents served with environmental services. The Group, 1st national operator in the district heating sector, with about 1.000 km of network services and almost 9.000 citizens served, also operates in the sectors of electricity (almost 8.000 km of distribution networks and 5th national operator concerning sold energy) and, gas (more than 8.000 km of distribution networks and 5th national operator). Moreover, IREN manages integrated water services (3rd national operator, almost 20.000 km of water mains network and more than 11.000 km of sewage systems) and also environmental services. Concerning this last point, the Group has 197 collection centres and is the 3rd national operator. IREN manages the network services of the City of Turin and also offers services for energy efficiency and sustainable mobility.

Our ideas in everyday life



- Testing new solutions as part of the electricity distribution, the district heating network and the two cogeneration plants that power it, the traffic light network, the public lighting network, the municipal heating system and, the municipal electrical systems

- In addition to the assets listed in the collaboration offer, IREN has a LoRa connectivity network, specifically designed for the Internet of Things (IoT) and based on the LoRaWan communication protocol. Thanks to this infrastructure, network coverage throughout the city of Turin was guaranteed