Great Innova is an association that aims to promote and disseminate activities that promote sustainable technological innovation.

Our reality was born through a community of innovators, startuppers, professionals and technology enthusiasts and grew through a festival for innovation, which has become a reference point for non-metropolitan territories, through networking and collaboration with the institutions and schools of the territory of Cuneo. Not only that: we work with other associations to encourage the emergence on the territory of new models of sustainable economy and good social practices.


We work together to raise citizens' awareness of a more sustainable economy culture.

Mainly we provide our skills to design events and activities of training and dissemination of citizens, in addition to designing specific territorial initiatives dedicated to innovation and marketing.

We provide our local network to accelerate communications in addition to our active visibility channels: website, Facebook page, Linkedin and Instagram professionally managed.

Cristian Ranallo - President
Mobile: +39 349 2549422