Fondazione Piemonte Innova, formerly Torino Wireless, is a Foundation established in 2003 with a wide public-private partnership with both National and Regional players to drive effective collaboration among enterprises, universities, research institutions and Public Administrations to develop innovation projects.

Fondazione Piemonte Innova, nowadays, leads and coordinate two relevant networks for innovation, the Regional Innovation Cluster on ICT and the Italian Cluster for Smart Communities, and works alongside cities and institutions to attract investments and build projects especially in the smart city environment. With more than 15 years of experience in accelerating and activating the Innovation ecosystem, the Foundation provides its networks with innovation support services (i.e. business plan, technology scouting, market & industry analysis; access to R&D funds), networking and partnership building, direct contact with an extended network of EU innovation players. In the EU context, it acts as a research center participating with different roles in R&I projects.


We have always developed innovation. For businesses, institutions and citizens

- Synergies with their networks and involvement of potential partners compared to the experiments of Torino City Lab
- Support networking and collaboration activation
- Dissemination of trial results and involvement in networking events
- Support to the monitoring and evaluation of the impacts of trials in line with the National Cluster Smart Communities (mobility, security, inclusion and government)

- In-depth knowledge of the ICT sector and Italian initiatives in the field of Smart City and Communities
- More than 300 members of our Clusters (Regional ICT Innovation Cluster, National Cluster Smart Communities)
- 5000 business contacts registered to the newsletter
- Organization of thematic and B2B events on technological themes


On going testing

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