With 2.7 million customers on the fixed network and 1.8 million on the mobile network, Fastweb is one of the main telecommunications operators in Italy which, since its creation in 1999, has focused on innovation and network infrastructures to guarantee maximum quality in the provision of ultra-broadband services.

Fastweb offers a wide range of voice and data services, fixed and mobile, to families and businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to small and medium-sized enterprises, from large companies to the Public Administration, to which it provides connectivity and ICT services. advanced, such as housing, cloud computing, security and unified communications.


Fastweb has always been one step ahead. Proof of this is the recent launch of NeXXt Generation 2025: the concrete project for the digital growth of the Country and its citizens, to simply connect homes and businesses to the future.

- Considering the city as an area of experimentation of one's own "frontier innovations" using the procedure of the "Torino City Lab" in the same way
- collaborate with the "City Lab" working group with a view to identifying innovative technological models in the field of TLC related to the elimination of the digital divide, the development of services related to 5G, the use of fiber optic networks, implementation of edge computing-big data-connected sensor solutions, aimed at creating replicable models also in other territorial and/or market areas
- identify innovative solutions in the didactic field both in presence and at a distance; Big Data analysis processing experimentation in collaboration with the Municipal Police through the active video surveillance network provided by Fastweb. Evolution of the same with analysis of social interaction
- IoT trials in the field of air quality and noise level (similar to the one being released in Piazza Lagrange) with evolution from "Lora" to 5G.

Fastweb will collaborate with the Torino City Lab project by providing its experience in the field of ultra-broadband connections, fixed and mobile, for the implementation of innovative applications of IoT sensors, Big Data Analysis and edge computing in a Smart City perspective and to promote integration of the territory with remote health monitoring systems.

Roberto Mangialardi - Funzionario Commerciale Enterprise, riferimento per Città di Torino
E-mail: roberto.mangialardi@fastweb.it 
Roberto Cerutti - Sales Manager Enterprise Piemonte, Liguria e Valle d’Aosta
E-mail: roberto.cerutti@fastweb.it