The testing areas

During these over 5 years of activity, Torino City Lab has developed 3 equipped test-bed areas within the city:

Urban Air Mobility (UAM)

Parco Dora is the test bed of drones operations, an optimal area both in terms of position, safety and technological infrastructures. DORALab aims to promote and support the implementation of experimentation activities on technologies used for the flight of drones, thus helping to favor research in the field of remotely piloted aircraft and the development of a sector, such as that of aerospace, strategic for the economic system of the Turin area. Recently, the DORA Park has undergone strengthening of the existing 5G infrastructure.

Parco del Valentino will soon be a second drone test area that can be used for experimentation, thanks to the Torino CTE House of Emerging Technologies.

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Smart Road Circuit

Smart Road Circuit is an urban circuit of 35 kilometers where to experiment innovative solutions for autonomous and connected driving and for sustainable mobility. Smart road facilitates the development of innovation in the field of mobility and transport by allowing the experimentation of autonomous and connected vehicles authorized by MIT (Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobilità) on some of the main arteries and reference structures of the city.



EDULab is a space dedicated to innovation in the educational field in which solutions and learning environments for teaching, training and lifelong learning can be tested. It is a structure open to all players in the educational chain: preschools, universities, research sectors, institutions, organizations, associations and companies that promote innovation in the field of education and culture. EduLab is located in the Civic School Centre building and is spread over an area of 450 square meters.