Torino Reshoring



The COVID emergency has brought the term "reshoring" back into vogue, i.e. the economic phenomenon that consists in the return home of companies that had previously relocated to EU and non-EU countries.

There are many motivations, related not only to the limitations of relocation induced by the health emergency, but also for other contingent factors such as labour costs (for example, an engineer in the U.S. costs 3-5 times as much as in Italy) and obtaining long-term visas (which is increasingly difficult). 

In addition to this is the attraction factor of the territories; that is the capacity of local innovation ecosystems to offer new environments to develop and test the innovations of the future.



Torino Reshoring aims to create a program of approach to Turin for Italian and foreign companies with R&D focus, starting from the verticals of greatest interest for the territory in the context and in line with the participation mechanisms of Torino City Lab.


The testimonials



Skypersonic Inc

The company Skypersonic Inc - represented by CEO Giuseppe Santangelo - Italian-American, is planning, just for the factors listed above, to strengthen its presence in Italy with an R&D center in Turin, to perhaps grow as an EMEA base. This company has also started a dialogue with the Detroit Chamber of Commerce to explore other cases of potentially interesting Italian-American / American companies. (link Video)




The Sheeva company represented by Evgeny Klochikhin was borne from the experimental activities of the Parkofon project, which was accelerated in Turin as part of the Techstars - Smart Mobility Program (Class 2019-2020). It has conducted testing activities by accessing Torino City Lab. This experience, even if it does not concern the return of an Italian company, is significant in representing the potential of Torino City Lab and the Torino Innovation ecosystem to support the development of innovative solutions for the urban environment. (link Video)


Who can participate?

Participation with Torino Reshoring is aimed at Italian and foreign companies based abroad, who are interested in activating R&D and testing activities for a medium duration in the Turin area. The areas of activity are open to technological innovation for the urban environment in the main areas of the smart city and consistent with the activities of Torino City Lab. The priorities for the first year are as follows. Territorial focus: North America (USA) in collaboration with the Detroit and New York Chamber of Commerce.

Priority sectorial areas:


Industry 4.0

Land and air mobility


Food and Agritech

Cultural Heritage/Tourism


Torino Reshoring offer

With Torino Reshoring, Torino City Lab will specialize in offering an orientation and support service aimed at attracting and hosting R&D and testing activities in Torino, thanks to the provision of testing environments in urban areas available today. It will also offer facilitation and support activities provided by the City and TCL partners.

On the basis of requests for assistance, Torino Reshoring will provide:

  • The search for offices/spaces dedicated to the best conditions;
  • Support in the activities of "Talent Acquisition", in collaboration with the Universities of Torino;
  • The activation of joint Research Projects/Programs with the Universities and Research Institutions of the Territory;
  • Support to identify "Business advisory" services in the areas of interest;
  • Support with comparison activities for the development of use cases of interest in collaboration with the Departments of the City of Turin that are best suited to your needs, in addition to support from TCL partners;
  • Support with testing activities, including access to City and partners' assets, as well as the use of stress test areas active in the areas of interest: Drones; Connected and independently driven vehicles; Learning Technologies.
  • Support with contacting local authorities for administrative purposes;
  • Communication support through national and international networks of Torino City Lab.