CSP innovation in ICT

CSP is a no-profit Research body recognized by MIUR and participated in equal shares by Politecnico di Torino, IREN Energia S.p.A, aizoOn Technology Consulting. URMET S.p.A. CSP performs innovation delivering processes/services/professional advices and new products to support enterprises and public administration bodies through the application of the best ICT research knowhow.


CSP makes the future available today!

- Design, implementation and testing of broadband and narrowband communication networks (i.e. LoRa, NB-IoT, Sigfox). 
- Computing infrastructures and systems for enterprise solutions and social impact service delivery in public context, looking toward the digital society.
- Industry 4.0 applications and global solutions.
- IoT and UAV/UGV monitoring systems; Bigdata platform architectures enabling advanced computational services (i.e.Machine Learning). 
- Multimedia and Cybersecurity.
- Embedded systems fast prototyping.
- Engineering of low TRL features of Research products to enable the commercial rollout. Planning and managing field test/proof of concept context applying the ‘Living Lab’ methodology.

- Radio coverage tools.:
- Wide area wireless communication networks (IEEE802.11 and LPWAN). 
- SDR prototyping for digital, mobile and broadcasting networks.
- Embedded system design and fast prototyping using off the shelf components.