We are one of the most important Italian tech companies, and we create digital services for public administrations, used daily by citizens and businesses.

As a technology partner of more than 120 institutions, we offer a data center nominated as a National Strategic Centre, a cloud service certified by AgiD (Agency for Digital Italy), a regional connectivity network and a smart data platform for big data that is unique in Italy. We work to create a digital and connected Country, focusing on advanced technologies, research and experimental projects. We use artificial intelligence, big data, cloud, cybersecurity to promote innovation. We support an inclusive digital society and cities focused on the well-being of their inhabitants.

Your digital partner

We offer to research centers and start-ups the new areas of the technology transfer hub on 5G-related emerging technologies. They will also have at their disposal many support services, infrastructure for data analysis and our experience of over 40 years working with PA to create "Innovative Urban Services".

We believe in the social value of innovation and we aim to offer high-quality digital services, both simple and useful
We work together with our clients right from the design stage because collaboration is the key to guarantee technological evolution and innovation in services.

Maurizio Gomboli – Head of Corporate Communication
E-mail: maurizio.gomboli@csi.it