Cisco is the worldwide leader in IT that helps companies seize the opportunities of tomorrow by proving that amazing things can happen when you connect the previously unconnected.

Cisco’s mission statement is to shape the future of the Internet, by creating unprecedent value and opportunity for our customers, employees, investors and ecosystem partner.
The company, led by CEO Chuck Robbins, was founded in 1984; its headquarters are in San Josè (California) and employs about 70.000 people worldwide. In FY2018, Cisco reported net revenues for 49.3 billion dollars.
In more than 30 years of history, Cisco has been driving the evolution of networking technologies. Today, the company sells solutions, services and business architectures that enable digital transformation, with technologies that make it possible to securely connect everything.
Digitization creates huge opportunities for our world, as it allows to face some of the big challenges we have in front of us: education, healthcare, quality of life, sustainability, human rights. With the help of technology we can create a more inclusive society and Cisco is determined to use technology to multiply the positive impact of its social responsibility initiatives. Cisco Networking Academy is one of these initiatives: an education program that the company launched in 1997 that allowed millions of people to acquire digital skills.

Cisco supports Italian cities in their digitalization process and collaborates with "Torino City Lab" with the intent to create, in collaboration with the Municipality of Turin and with the other Partners, a performing, innovative and safe infrastructure able to convey the various active experiments, today and in the future, in the city.

- Take an active role in the development of the City Lab Model;
- Make their own training facilities available to the local ecosystem and the testing companies;
- Organize at least once a year a training-information event to be agreed with the Administration in areas related to innovation;
- Consider the City as a field for experimenting with its own "frontier innovations" using the City Lab procedure similarly;
- Collaborate in the creation of a technological infrastructure to be made available to the "tester" companies that are admitted to Turin City Lab;
- Collaborate in technological infrastructure through Cyber Security architectures and solutions;
- Involve the Cisco Partner ecosystem to complete ongoing testing activities and, where possible, introduce new ones, opening new collaborations.

- Cisco will collaborate through its technologies and related services provided by Cisco and its partners.
- It will also provide the experience and content of the Cisco Networking Academy.

Fabio Florio – Business Development Manager e Leader Co-Innovation Center, Cisco Italia
Letizia Manzieri – Country Marketing Leader, Cisco Italia
Marianna Ferrigno – Communication Manager
Mirko Berlier – Solution Architect
Marianna Culosi - Project Management Officer
Luca Rizzi – Regional Sales Manager