CDI Italia is a business school providing a full sponsored MBA to highly selected engineers or scientists.

During this 10-month MBA, every fellow will learn from world-renowned professors at the Collège, undergo a unique company mission and receive tailored mentoring, applying concepts taught in the classroom to the real business world: 'Learning through Action'. At the Collège, we believe that innovation is one of the most important catalyzers of wealth creation in society. Therefore, we strive to enable young engineers and scientists to cope with the challenges the future holds. We do so by fostering and developing a lively network at the intersection of academic excellence, technology and innovation. Furthermore, we foster initiatives at European level connecting companies and startup/scaleups in the fields of mobility, energy and Industry 4.0.


The Collège des Ingénieurs enables young engineers and scientists, startups, scaleups to grow bringing innovation in the economic and social environment.

We offer the possibility to create connections and synergies with our CDI Italia innovation network. Indeed, we enable commercial partnerships with the best local & international innovation providers as startups, spin-offs from universities, accelerators etc. We have developed an expertise in the automotive, energy, logistics and aerospace industries which embody a crucial role for the future of our society and can be benefitable for actual and future projects.

CDI Italia activities cover three different programs:
- MBA program with a dedicated 20-week journey of innovation aiming to foster social impact, called Innovation for Change, in collaboration with CERN and PoliTO
- CDILabs: consortium of multinational corporates headquartered in Italy to create meaningful and significant collaborations with innovation providers
School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (SEI) aiming to develop and teach innovation and entrepreneurship’s mindset and process based on scientific methodology to undergraduates

Via Giuseppe Giacosa, 38 - 10125 Torino - Italy
Phone: +039 011 026 8047