is one of the most important website in Italy, focused on classifieds advertising.

Founded in 2005 by a group of Turin enterpreneurs among which Paolo Geymonat and Nader Sabbaghian, today is a yout and proactive company: its financial and traffic trend is constantly growing, thanks to his competitiveness in a complex environment like the classifieds market.


One Bakeca, millions of free ads

Bakeca offers its knoledge to make SMEs and students "digitally" aware, with dedicated courses about web marketing, social media and coding. The final purpose is to educate people and business o get closer to digital empowering them with skills to improve business results and become more conscious about the use of web.

Bakeca shares its knowledge and competences through its people, who share their knowledge as trainers

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Francesco Gavatorta, Strategic partnership manager - - T 0116996120
Stefano Pavignano, CEO -