ANCI Piemonte is the regional section of the National Association of Italian Municipalities, which unites, organizes and represents most of the Municipalities of the Region, as well as several Unions of Municipalities, the seven Provinces of the Region and the Metropolitan City of Torino.

The Association protects local autonomies, represents the rights and pursues the interests of Local Authorities, promoting and supporting many initiatives in this regard. ANCI Piemonte also coordinates the activities of the associated local administrations, while concurrently pursuing the general objectives of the National Association at the regional level. ANCI Piemonte carries out its mission thanks to 16 thematic commissions, one of which is dedicated to Innovation.


ANCI Piemonte gives voice to Local Authorities, to enhance the prosperity of the Piedmontese territory.

- Dissemination of the activities and initiatives promoted by "Torino City Lab" to its associated Municipalities
- Provision of research facilities and know how
- Organisation of activities to support the city (e.g. sectoral analysis, model evaluation, territorial animation)
- Contribution to technological foresight activities, also by promoting joint testing activities with local partners on frontier innovations.
- Support to other possible joint activities (e.g. funds, work grants, challenges,testing contributions, special prizes, etc.)

- The Innovation Council of ANCI Piemonte, established to inform municipalities about projects and funding opportunities related to "Public Innovation", represents a permanent place of exchange and support for Piedmontese administrations, with the aim of fostering and supporting the process of modernization of public services.s, etc.)

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