Amiat is the company of the Iren Group which carries out environmental hygiene services in Turin.

Amiat, in addition to separate waste collection throughout the city of Turin,  also has several corporate plants for the treatment, disposal and recovery of waste.The IREN Group is one of the most important and dynamic multiutilities on the Italian scene. It operates across several regions with over 8.000 employees, a portfolio of almost 1.9 million customers in the energy sector, 2.8 million residents served with integrated water services and more than 3 million residents served with environmental services.

We delivered impact through innovation.  

- Evaluating innovative solutions aimed at creating an innovative territorial ecosystem with a focus on solutions concerning the development of the door-to-door collection system and punctual pricing, the recovery of material from organic waste, the recovery of raw material from WEEE and the treatment of plasmix

- Several corporate plants for the treatment, disposal and recovery of waste
- A purification plant, a biogas extraction plant and a shredding plant for inert waste (Basse di Stura)
- A composting plant for the treatment of organic waste (Borgaro Torinese)
- A plant for the treatment of durable goods Amiat TBD (Volpiano)
- A plant for the selection of packaging in plastic and special waste similar to municipal waste (Collegno)


On going testing

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