TRM is the Iren Group company that has designed, built and currently manages the Metropolitan City of Turin’s waste-to-energy plant

The plant, built between 2010 and 2013, has been in full operation since May 2014 and can treat solid urban waste and special waste similar to municipal waste. By burning this otherwise unrecoverable waste at high temperature, the Turin waste-to-energy plant generates new energy to be fed into the network. TRM is part of the IIREN Group, one of the most important and dynamic multiutilities on the Italian scene. It operates across several regions with over 8.000 employees, a portfolio of almost 1.9 million customers in the energy sector, 2.8 million residents served with integrated water services and more than 3 million residents served with environmental services.

TRM and IREN Group operate in the innovation field, and they have a strong interest in developing new and innovative technologies in synergy with their business

- testing solutions aimed at optimising the waste treatment cycle, among which, the CO2 reduction/capture, the hydrogen production and the ashes treatment can be mentioned
- TRM also has an interest in receiving further innovative proposals that encourage the development of his business

- The Turin waste-to-energy plant recover the waste energy by burning them at a temperature above 1000°C
- The plant can generate only electricity (the equivalent to the yearly demand of about 175,000 families formed of three people) or, in cogeneration mode, it can produce both electricity and thermal energy for district heating (each years it produces the energy capable of heating 17,000 homes of 100 m2 and electricity capable of meeting the demand of around 160,000 families)
- The energy recovery allows a saving of 70,000 tons of fossil-fuel per year, contributing to protection of the environment and generation of a sustainable economy